Ferrari SF21 Gran Premio Del Made In Italy E Dell Emilia Romagna C. Leclerc


Model 1:18

Car N.16 GREEN Intermediate Tyres February 2022

Limited Edition - 600pcs

Price 7 096,56 Kč incl. VAT
5 864,92 Kč / pcs    
Product code 154
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An all-Italian show was staged at Imola: rain, safety car, red flag with Max Verstappen perfect who did not betray expectations. Hamilton, on the other hand, thanks his lucky stars. Ferrari proved competitive.

We offer you the starting version with the new green RAIN intermediate tires. The matt and two-tone color is completely new, with a darker part in the rear area.
This model car is not made of resin, but of metal with ABS molded parts.

Production of cars in 1/18 scale, high-quality, die-cast models. They are faithfully reproduced in every detail.
The Chinese technology was combined with the experience of BBR's handmade products to ensure high quality.