Noise filter RIGHETTI mini "Arge" - Red


  • Category GR.3 Minikart
  • CIK/FIA 005-SI-01 homologation
  • Color: Red Body, Black Tubes
  • Net weight:


The " ARGE " air filter designed for high performance and the maximum expression of technology to let kart engine breathe.
It is designed to obtain maximum performance from the engine of your kart, through a greater supply of clean air.
The regulation provides for a maximum volume of 3 liters with molding in a single piece and a single intake trumpet with a 23mm hole.
The rubber fitting that connects the carburettor to the intake silencer has been specially designed for the 18mm carburettor.
The assembly allows a very clean and turbulence-free air inlet flow.
The carburettor is positioned so that its air intake is inside the muffler body.
For use in the event of rain, even intense, a quick-disassembly rain cover has been produced, which in any case allows excellent performance.

Price 1 170,39 Kč incl. VAT
967,27 Kč / pcs    
Product code KE110R_RIGETTI
Brand Righetti Ridolfi s.p.a.